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Shopify Taxes - Megaventory Taxes
Shopify Taxes - Megaventory Taxes
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Important note: By default, Shopify Products include a Tax in the price (this is a global account setting). In this case, Shopify Orders cannot be synchronized at all with Megaventory.

There are no Shopify webhooks for Taxes. Taxes are synchronized from Shopify to Megaventory by creating them on the fly during the Shopify Order creation.

No Tax synchronization occurs from Megaventory to Shopify.

Taxes and Orders

Shopify Orders may have one or more Taxes. This is handled in Megaventory by creating a combined Tax if used for the first time which can then be reused for further Megaventory Sales Orders. The name convention for this combined Tax is β€œ{name of Tax1 - name of Tax2}”.

The creation of a Shopify Order will result in creating an equivalent Megaventory Sales Order. The Products in each Megaventory Sales Order row will have one or no Taxes applied. Essentially, in every Megaventory Sales Order row the Product price is calculated and shown separately from the applicable Tax which is calculated and also shown as a separate Tax.

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