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How does Megaventory handle the discount given on Shopify?
How does Megaventory handle the discount given on Shopify?
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When integrating Megaventory with Shopify, there are 3 key scenarios to consider when it comes to discounts: handling discounts inclusive of taxes, managing discounts exclusive of taxes, and effectively dealing with both discounts and taxes simultaneously within your Shopify store.

1. Handling Discounts When Taxes Are Included

When taxes are included in the prices of products on your Shopify store, Megaventory takes a precise approach to ensure accurate discount handling.

Discount Calculation: Megaventory recalculates the price of each product row to reflect the discount accurately. This means that if you apply a discount to a product, the individual product's price will be reduced accordingly.

Order Comment: Additionally, Megaventory adds the discount name(s) to the comment section of the order. This information ensures transparency and clarity in your order records.

Final Price Adjustment: The final order price, including all discounts, is also pushed to Megaventory. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your order data in Megaventory accurately reflects the discounts applied on Shopify.

2. Handling Discounts When Taxes Are Not Included

When taxes are not included in the prices of products on your Shopify store, Megaventory adapts to manage discounts effectively.

Absolute/Fixed Discounts: For absolute or fixed discounts, the handling is similar to the previous scenario. The individual product prices are discounted accordingly, and the final adjusted price is sent to Megaventory. Discount names are added to the order comments for clarity.

Percent Discounts: In the case of percent discounts, Megaventory creates a discount in its system, mirroring the Shopify discount. This discount is then applied to the order, ensuring that the correct percentage reduction is reflected.

3. Enabling Tax and Discount Options in Megaventory

In cases where both discounts and taxes are used in your Shopify store, it's essential to enable the appropriate tax and discount options in your Megaventory Sales Order template and Sales Invoice template. This step ensures that your Megaventory account is fully synchronized with your Shopify store, allowing for seamless order processing.

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