In order to use barcodes effectively in your day to day business, you will want to print them and attach them to your products. Here’s how to do it:

Go to Products and Services → View Products - Services. Alternatively, you can go to Inventory → Inventory Management Lists and pick a list you want to work with.

Select the product you want to print barcodes for with the left side checkbox and then click on “Print Barcode Labels” at the top of the page.

A print screen will pop up. If you need to print barcodes for eg. 200 pieces of this item, click on the little arrow sign on the left of the print screen. This will multiply the barcode so you can print full pages of the same barcode.

If you want to print multiple barcodes onto the same page, just select all the desired products at the beginning of this process. That way when you hit “Print Barcode Label” the print page will fill up with all the selected products.

Pro tip: Print on sticky barcode label paper if you want to stick the barcode on your products!

Pro tip: If you have multiple small items that are hard to stick a label to, print their barcodes with the item names on one page. You can keep the page by your barcode scanner. When you sell/order the item just scan the correct barcode from the sheet! This way you won’t need to go through your database to find the item, but you also don’t need to worry about a way to attach the barcode to a tiny object!

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