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How to print barcodes for my products?
How to print barcodes for my products?
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In order to use barcodes effectively in your day-to-day business, you will want to print them and attach them to your products.

There are 3 ways to print your Labels in Megaventory. These are the scenarios and corresponding paths:

  1. You only want to print one label for one or more products.

    Here's where you should go: Products and Services > View Products - Services. Select the product(s) that you want to edit/print the Barcodes/Labels for and click on the Print Barcode Labels button.

  2. You want to print labels for all the stock you own for one product.

    Let's say you own a total of 36 units for PRODUCT_1 and you want to add a Barcode Label to each of them. You will go to Inventory management Lists > On-Hand Inventory and Alerts. Select your product and click on the Print Barcode Labels button.

  3. You want to print a specific number of labels, corresponding to how many products you purchased/sold.

    For that, you need to access the Purchase/Sales Orders List and click on the Order Number for the products that you want to want to print the label for. There you will click on More and select Print Barcode Labels.

After that, you only need to press the Print button and continue the rest of the process from your printing software.

If you want to create your own Label Template you should follow this guide.

Pro tip: Print on sticky barcode label paper if you want to stick the barcode on your products!

Pro tip: If you have multiple small items that are hard to stick a label to, print their barcodes with the item names on one page. You can keep the page by your barcode scanner. When you sell/order the item just scan the correct barcode from the sheet! This way you won’t need to go through your database to find the item, but you also don’t need to worry about a way to attach the barcode to a tiny object!

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