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Searching for items with my barcode scanner/barcode device
Searching for items with my barcode scanner/barcode device
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The great thing about barcodes is that it makes searching for items in your database extremely easy. When your product information in Megaventory includes a barcode, you can use a barcode scanner every time you are searching for an item. This will work in both making new purchases, new sales, and checking your inventory. Basically whenever you need to find a product, just scan and watch the magic happen!

For example, here is how you would add items to a new sales order:

Check the box for “Products are added using the Barcode Scanner”. This will simplify the grid and you will be able to easily scan all the items in one go.

Then “Click to add row” and scan the item. Now the product information will be filled out automatically. If you are selling more than one of each item, you can either scan multiple times or just edit the quantity manually. Check out the visual below!

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