Custom Barcode Label Printing

This is the guide on how to create your own Barcode Labels.

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Before diving into this subject, we want to clarify that generating barcodes and printing them with custom dimensions are two different types of features. Megaventory only provides the latter, but the generating barcodes can be easily done outside our app. We explained how you can do that in this article.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to make your own Template:

  1. Access the menu for Printing Barcode Labels. In this article, we described the 3 different paths you can use.

  2. Select "+ add new custom dimension" in the dropdown list for Page Template. Here you can see multiple ways to adapt your custom templates, such as changing the print size, font size, background color, or Padding inside the Label.

  3. Save the template by naming it in the Page Template field and then clicking the Add button. Now you will be able to access this Custom Barcode/Label for future operations.

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