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Synchronizing Locations Between Megaventory and WooCommerce
Synchronizing Locations Between Megaventory and WooCommerce
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The Inventory Locations are one of the main entities that are synchronized between Megaventory and WooCommerce. The integration provides some levels of customization that will be described in this article.

Shipping Zones

The user can define Shipping Zones in WooCommerce according to countries, states, continents, or custom criteria (e.g. EMEA). Then, once the initial sync is done, all locations will be allocated to each shipping zone and the user can pick the order in which they will be prioritized.

As you can see in the example above, when an order is placed in Athens, the system will first check the stock availability in the “ASz” location. If there isn’t enough to fulfil the order, then “ASC”, “Ell” and "Main" will be checked in this order.

You can customize the Location Priority by clicking on the “Edit” button. Then you can drag and drop the location names as you prefer.

Splitting Orders Between Locations

Sometimes an order cannot be fulfilled using inventory from a single location, so our integration provides automatic allocation according to the Location Priority.

The system tries to find the location where the whole quantity of each product is in stock. If the quantity is insufficient in all locations, then the order will be assigned to the location with the highest priority.

The split applies to different products in the same WooCommerce order, while the quantity for each product will be taken from the same Inventory Location.

If the different products from an order have to be split, then the system will create a separate Sales Order for each location that is used. All the related Sales Orders will acquire the same Order Reference so that they can be easily tracked.

Let’s take an example!

One client from Alabama has ordered 10 x Product1 and 15 x Product2.

The Location Priority is this: Main, 3rd, test.

The quantity in your Inventory Locations is this:



Main - 5

Main - 13

3rd - 54

3rd - 0

Test - 2

Test - 2

This means that the system will assign the stock deduction for Product1 to the “3rd” location and the one for Product 2 to “Test”. As a consequence, 2 different Sales Orders will be generated: SO 17 and SO 18.

Also, as you can see, the status of order #4203 is Processing. This will change to Completed only when both of the orders are shipped.

Excluding Locations

It’s also possible to hide some of your locations from WooCommerce so that stock can’t be pulled from these location. This implies that when excluding one of the locations, you will also prevent the stock from being synched between Megaventory and WooCommerce for these locations.

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