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How does Shipstation handle multiple invoices against a single sales order?
How does Shipstation handle multiple invoices against a single sales order?
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If estimated shipping is used in a sales order you have a couple of ways to handle the potentially multiple invoices you may issue.

After you integrate ShipStation with Megaventory, estimated shipping is calculated when you create a sales order in Megaventory and you can choose a shipping provider as well as the type of package that you want to send.

Read here how to add shipping/handling costs to a sales order/invoice. You can also change the estimated shipping cost to the actual shipping cost in the invoice - read here how it works.

By default, the estimated shipping cost is added as a shipping service, the total value is updated, and includes the products' unit price and the shipping service cost.

When you have multiple invoices for one sales order, you can either include the whole shipping cost in one invoice, or you can split the cost per invoice.

For example, if you want to fulfill a sales order two times and the shipping cost is 10, you can create a fulfillment with half of the amount of shipping.

Snippet of a fulfillment document
Picture of Sales Invoice in Megaventory

Note that in the screenshot above the quantity for shipping service reads 0.5 instead of 1 because you defined the shipping as half price for that specific product.

If you want to know how to handle shipping without the ShipStation integration, read this article about shipping providers in Megaventory.

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