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Shipping Providers in Megaventory
Shipping Providers in Megaventory
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Megaventory supports shipping providers and uses the tracking URL of the shipping provider to track shipments that include a tracking id.

The shipping provider and a tracking id of the shipment provider can be added to a Megaventory goods outbound document so that a user can track the shipment status of a specific shipment.

The Shipping Providers module provides a view of all information related to the shipping providers of the Megaventory account.

To add a new shipping provider, the New Shipping Provider link should be clicked. To update an existing provider, the Shipping Provider Name (e.g. fedex) of the respective shipping provider should be clicked.


  • Accessing the Shipping Providers module requires administrator access to the account.

  • This module is also accessible by the ShippingProviderGet API function. For more, visit the Megaventory API layer.

Or login to your account.

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