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Are returns and cancellations made in Shopify synchronized in Megaventory?
Are returns and cancellations made in Shopify synchronized in Megaventory?
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If you're managing your eshop in Shopify you might be wondering if returns made there will be synchronized in Megaventory.

The short answer is: No.

Firstly, returns are complicated to manage reliably across different applications because of the numerous scenarios to account for (multiple shipments & payments, partial returns & credit, applied discount coupons, or combinations of them all).

In the majority of cases, the most reliable way to handle such scenarios is manually and do so by issuing the return separately in Megaventory and the Shopify App.

In Megaventory, you need to issue a "Return from Client" Document to start the return process and make sure your inventory is adjusted to reflect the return. Read this article on the whole process of returns from clients.

Regarding Shopify, you may or may not want returns to affect refunds depending on your workflow. But Shopify is able to refund the customer via its payment gateway and since we cannot know your preference it's best to handle this case manually (as, for example, you may want to refund partially).

What if I have a lot of returns?

If there are well-defined cases of returns and a good portion of your orders end up being returned (let's say >20%) due to them, then it may make sense to develop a custom approach how to standardize handling these returns. If you're interested in that - contact us for a free quote!

What about cancellations made in Shopify?

If you set Shopify as the Master App for order fulfillment then, yes, order cancellations will get synchronized in Shopify.

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