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The two documents that receive products from a supplier are the Purchase Bill and the Receive on Consignment documents. Both share the same common interface. Adding such documents can be done directly by the Purchase module (Purchases > New Purchase - Receipt) or against a Purchase Order.

In case the user chooses to use the Purchase module, the choice of the document (either Purchase Bill or Receive on Consignment) is possible from the drop-down selection option, as shown in the image above.

Then, adding the document to the account requires - at minimum - the setting of the Supplier and the insertion of at least one Product row in the Product Details form. The rest of the document header fields (such as the Document Comments or Document Tags) and the document tabs (for example the Product Details tab) are similar to those described in the Purchase Order document.

The document can then be either saved as Pending (draft) or Approved. In case the document is saved as Pending it will be assigned a temporary id of the form โ€œ--โ€œ and will not have any effect (no quantity changes) in the account other than that it remains saved for future work or for review (since the Product Details tab remains open for editing).

  • A Pending document can be deleted from the account. This option lies under the extended options of the document.

Alternatively, in case the document is Approved, it is assigned a number, the Product Details tab becomes non-editable and the user should choose an inventory location where products are received in. Approving the document will immediately increase the quantity of those products included in the document.

  • An Approved document cannot be reverted to Pending.

  • An Approved document cannot be deleted.

  • An Approved document can be cancelled. This option lies under the extended options of the document.

  • Approving a document is an irreversible action. Correcting a mistake in the Product Details form (for example a Product quantity or pricing mistake) can only be achieved by cancelling the whole document and adding it again in the account. The cancelled document will remain in the list and will retain its document number.

Once saved as Pending or Approved, the document can be printed or emailed by clicking the respective print/email icons ( ) at the header of the Purchase Order. Similar to the Purchase Order, more printing/emailing options include printing a Receipt List for the document (print template to be used internally in the company which does not include supplier and product pricing information).

The Extended Options are common to all Document Templates and appear under the More button.ย 

The Cancel Document operation reverts all the effects that were applied with the Approved operation. As such the stock -for the products included in the document- is increased and their unit cost is adjusted accordingly. A cancelled document remains in the list for reference and retains its document number.

  • Cancelling a document is an irreversible action.

The Copy Document operation creates a new document that is of the same Document Template and is an exact copy -in terms of the document header details and Product Details- of the current one. The new document is created in the Pending state.

The Pin Products to Clipboard adds the products included in the document -together with their quantities- to the Clipboard.

To conclude all the actions related to the Purchase/Receipt document, the user may mark it as Closed. A closed document cannot be cancelled and its header fields become non-editable.

  • Closing a document is an irreversible action.

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