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Extended Options of the Purchase Order
Extended Options of the Purchase Order
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Am Approved Purchase Order, has the extended options of cancelling or copying the Purchase Order, turning the status to Pending and finally pinning the products to Clipboard.

The extended options of the Purchase Order appear under the More button.

The Cancel Document operation reverts all the effects that were applied with the Approved operation (in case the purchase order is cancelled while in Pending status, there are no effects to revert). As such the Non-received quantity in Purchase Orders -for the products included in the document- is decreased. A cancelled purchase order remains in the list for reference and retains its document number.

  • Cancelling a Purchase Order is an irreversible action.

  • The Copy Document operation creates an exact copy of the current purchase order. The new purchase order is created in the Pending state.

  • The Pin Products to Clipboard adds the products included in the purchase order -together with their quantities- to the Clipboard.

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