All the text strings and phrases in the Megaventory interface can be customized/localized to match the needs of each individual account.

Megaventory also has created many fields in advance which are optional (e.g. Custom Order Flag 1, Custom Order Date 1, etc), that can be customized and defined in such a way that fits the specific needs of each business.

This is accomplished via the Localization module, by clicking on Settings > Localize > Update Specific Phrases and Selecting the Language you want to personalize from the drop-down list. Note this will have to be done from the admin account.

You will then see a display table like this:

To customize any field follow the procedure below:

  1. Enter the name/text of the field you want to customize/localize in the Start Typing To Filter area under the Language column (second column, “English” in this example) and hit Enter to filter by this text.

  2. See all the instances where the name/text in question is included in the results which appear below.

  3. Update the necessary text in the text form field under User Defined Language Text. Copy and Paste the default test, make the necessary changes, and hit Tab - the change is saved instantly. In order to see the changes, click Reload on the top left corner. (Remember that your custom name/text must comply with the maximum character requirement for that name/text and that the user-defined language text cannot contain any of the following invalid characters: <, >, ", # or only white spaces.)

  4. Repeat for all the instances of the name/text in question to ensure consistency.

If you were to localize specific phrases from another language that is not English, say Spanish, you would have to filter Step 1 under the Idioma Actual (Current Language) column, as seen below:

You can also change the language of the entire account or use different languages for different users as shown here: How do I change the account language/set different languages per user?


All filtered texts cannot be changed at the same time. You will have to repeat the process for all the instances of the name/text in question to ensure consistency.

If the default text includes special characters such as “” that cannot be included in the User Defined Language Text, just remove the special characters, and write the words between quotation marks in capital letters if you need them to be highlighted.

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