Although there is no native Megaventory smartphone or tablet application, we have tested the Barcode to PC solution and have found it to work to an adequate degree with Megaventory - you can see this in action here. With that solution you can use your smartphone as a barcode scanner along with your PC or Mac. The Quickmark application also seems to work specifically for Mac / iOS combinations. Other such smartphone apps may be more or less useful and practical but testing per case is necessary to ensure a third party application is appropriate to your specific needs.

Other solutions which can be explored are barcode scanners connected with a tablet via Bluetooth - for example such as this one.

Of course, any USB barcode scanner connected with the PC or Mac running will play fine with the service. Other types of barcode scanners supported are wireless ones (which also connect via a USB dongle to the PC or Mac where is accessed from).

Megaventory does not provide nor endorse any specific barcode scanning infrastructure - you need to test and acquire a solution independently.

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