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Native Shopify POS supported for order fulfillment
Native Shopify POS supported for order fulfillment
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Megaventory integrates with the native Shopify POS application regarding order fulfillment.

How does it work?

When a sale is made through the Shopify POS hardware, two events are triggered in the Shopify ecosystem:

  1. Event 1 - Order Creation:

    • The POS creates a new order in the Shopify system, representing the transaction.

    • As an answer to this event, Megaventory captures it in real-time - also as a Sales Order.

  2. Event 2 - Order Fulfillment:

    • Subsequently, Megaventory marks the Sales Order as fulfilled.

    • In response to this event, we have integrated functionalities that initiate the necessary actions to complete the order fulfillment process.

Technical Implementation: To ensure a smooth and accurate workflow, we have incorporated a slight delay between Event 1 and Event 2. Although these events are typically triggered with a difference of milliseconds, a brief pause allows us to verify the completion of the first event before proceeding to the second.

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